“Is it ok for you?”

This was a question that one of my old friends asked me when he called me to sign up for life insurance 2 weeks ago. He has been married for almost a year & is expecting his first child soon.

After all was explained & he was clear of the terms & conditions, he finally asked me if it was ok for me if he waited until the end of this to pay the premium & I told him this :

“This insurance policy is for you, not for me. Yes, I do get compensated by my company if you purchase this policy but the small amount of comission that I make is no where near the amount of benefits that you & your family shall receive in the future.

I truly understand that it may cost you a bit now but let me warn you that you cannot afford NOT to have it now. And should anything happen to you between then and the day you have this policy in place, your family  and some of our close friends might just hold me guilty for it. This is from 2 personal experiences with 2 of our other friends.

I really do care about you & your family because we have known each other since we were kids. So I tell you what, if you are really on a tight budget, you can take all of my earnings from this policy now & pay it to me later as long as you have it in place immediately because I will not be able to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that you have no protection at all.

If you think that my company is not your best option, then by all means, get a policy from another company but please, do it immediately because your family depends on you.”

I’m sure that by now you would have guessed that he took up the policy on the same day & was approved & inforce 3 days later. I can now sleep peacefully that I have protected not just another friend but also the welfare of his family.

And, just FYI, he paid in full because looking at the figures (because I don’t think he could look me straight in the eye & tell me that he could not afford RM 2.45 a day), it was really a small price to pay for a huge peace of mind…


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