Irresistible Proposal

2 weeks ago, I asked an old friend for some advice on how I could extend my services to a larger group of people compared to the existing clients that I currently have. I asked him,

“What would be your major concern when deciding to sign up for life insurance?”

He gave me some good answers such as :

  • the best value for money
  • the best plan to suit his needs/financial goals in life
  • a plan that is within his budget range
  • the quality of service/easy administration of the policy
  • a full time agent
  • updates on the current market trends

The main intention I asked him the question was to honestly get an outside view from someone who was not in my list of clients. I genuinely wanted to know what are the major concerns that are playing around in the prospect’s mind – especially in the mind of a young executive like him & also some others I had a chance to ask.

It was my personal initiative to further enhance the level of services which I provide to a client. Many others shared their views on this & their concerns were summed up as stated above.

But one point that really got to me was this :

“Naz, since I am considering to take up some additional life insurance, why don’t you send me a proposal… and please, make it so irresistible that I can’t say NO.”
To tell you the truth, for a few days, it boggled my mind that based on some fact finding I had done with him previously, what could so possibly be truly outrageous & irresistible that would make him say YES & sign up with me.

Yes, there is the usual plus points of the wide array of financial tools in my arsenal, the strong company that I represent & the years of experience that I have in the field, but this was the first time I was posed with such a challange.

What did I do? I asked another friend who was a client & this is what I said :

“Bro, what do you think made my proposal so irresistible that you had no hesitation to sign up for a policy with me more than 3 years ago?”

Well, apart from the fact that I had bought him lunch a couple of times & introduced him to some wonderful new friends, this is what he had to say :

“The main irresistable point that I can think of regarding the purchase of life insurance until today is the fact that at that point of time, I was still insurable & it was cheaper too…”

So it struck me there & then that he did have a huge point, because today, more than 3 years later, we do have close friends who are no longer insurable due to medical reasons or class of work.

And I must also state that it is so irresistible that I had prospects who were diabetic, had hypertension & some other medical conditions who were willing to pay 5x the normal premium just as long as they could have their insurance policy issued.

The case of uninsurablity will not only effect you but also your famliy. Imagine when…

  • your widow will not have enough money to keep the whole family united under one roof
  • your children mightnot get a decent education
  • your hard earned assets that your worked all your life for have to be sold to cover your medical expenses & pay your debts
  • your close relatives might have to chip in to help your family get by in life

But that’s just it, by then, the window of opportunity to be insured will be CLOSED forever… so DO NOT let it happen…

& THAT is what I have come to learn as the IRRESISTIBLE factor in signing up for life insurance…

One Response to “Irresistible Proposal”
  1. mal says:

    bro, bring irresistible girl along, trust me!!! i know it works, that’s how you get me to sign up with you!!! demmit…..

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