For all you educators out there…

The ability to believe in yourself is the most important factor to be successful in what you do.Without belief, the most simple things in life might be totally impossible to achieve.

Another personal trait of successful people is passion. In the context of my duties as an educator & administrator, passion is the ability to see beyond the potential of each student and each staff who are under my responsibility. Passion also means doing whatever it takes to get the job done right, on time, every time. 

After more than two decades in this profession, I have come to realize that sometimes,
limitations that have been set before us are the main obstacles which hinder us from going beyond our expectations. I strongly believe that if given a chance & with proper guidance, even the worst student or staff can be taught to appreciate the values in life.

This is based on my past experience when dealing with students who come from rural areas, poor backgrounds & broken homes. You might be wondering how poor they are, to give a simple example, they can’t even afford a proper meal for recess what more to buy a decent pair of shoes for school.


Ensuring that students pass with flying colors or getting a place in university is not all that it takes to ensure that a student will eventually be successful in life.

There are a lot more values which they must acquire such as discipline, determination,personality and self confidence that will make them successful in whatever they do.

The same goes for the staff. As an administrator, I must ensure that I act in their best interest & do my part in assisting them to attain whatever is necessary to run the school properly with the highest level of integrity & commitment towards the teaching profession. They must also be given responsibilities/tasks/projects to exploit their career potential.

Passion also lies in the joy & satisfaction that I get when I receive a note or letter or call from a previous student who is now successful in life. I also receive calls once in a while from previous colleagues/staff (teachers & support staff).They usually do so just to say “Hi!” or “thank you, Cikgu”.

That alone to me is worth more than a salary increment or promotion because I know that by doing what I do every single day, using all the potential and resources that I have, I make a significant positive difference not only on the lives of my students and staff but also on the lives of their friends, families and loved ones.

This, I believe.

Thus, I can confidently say beyond a shadow of doubt that I do have what it takes to take on greater challenges in this wonderful profession of education.


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