How was your CNY?

I went back to my parents place in Tampin.

Had a big family barbeque with a dozen cousins & family members. Our close neighbours (15 surrounding houses) are all chinese. Funny thing is that it was their affair but we totally outnumbered them.

One major visible fact was that there were 10 cars in our driveway over the 2 day period! That’s the beauty in Malaysia. No matter whose festive celebration it is, we all benefit. We benefit from the sales, the variety of food, the time off from work & the opportunity to  enhance & strengthen relationships (family & friends) – at least 3 times a year.

Since food is always a main attraction during this festive season, we can enjoy ourselves but always be cautious of what we eat as there are limitations that the body is able to absorb.

One funny experience was the eve before CNY when we heard very loud non stop explosions coming from the next door neighbour. Although its illegal to burn firecrackers/fireworks, our culture is such that we will try every avenue to make it ‘legal’. Anyway, we all dashed out of the house & were amazed to see fireworks just near our front lawn that resembled what you would see at KLCC on new years eve.

Very colorful, very artistic & full of smoke. haha! It lasted almost 10 mins but just as we were enjoying the ‘show’ a police patrol car showed up & the ‘guilty’ neighbours were questioned. All in good spirit of the festive season, the issue was settled without any violence or dissatisfation. I assume they were given a warning but the show did end just there.

Otherwise, there might have been more fireworks to see that night…

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