Wifi Craze?

I’m currently at a Starbucks outlet. Just having a light breakfast while trying to get some work done as the office environment is not always conducive for a guy to get things done.

I was here around 8am and not long after logging in, everyone went into their offices with their large cups of the day’s brew. Looked like i was gonna be the only tech freak here but now, about an hour later, the tech freaks have arrived!

Looks like they go to bed late & spend their day in the coffee shop doing i dunno what… maybe its a kinda online business where you get USD 100 per day. Who knows?

But as I am typing, another 5 people are going deeper & deeper ‘into’ the levels of the mind… behind the LCD screen.. more than what meets the eye. Before they know it, its lunch & they’ll need more coffee ! duuuuh!

No wonder the coffee here is bloody expensive!

One Response to “Wifi Craze?”
  1. Amelia White says:

    Thank you for sharing!

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