How much premium are you paying?

Azri, (a colleague) was on his way out of the office to see a prospect. This was his 2nd appointment with this particular prospect.

Why were they meeting up? Azri had been asked to review the prospects policy which is currently costing him RM 600 per month at the moment. The only problem is that the total death benefit only amounts up to RM 30,000.

Regardless of what type of insurance plan it is, RM 600 per month for RM 30,000 worth of life insurance is by all means insane! And what would the poor beneficiaries do with RM 30,000 these days?

So again, please take time to sit down with your agent & review all your benefits for each & every policy that you own. Try to fully understand & make a summary of all your policies so that you get the best value for every RM you set aside for life insurance.


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