What say you?

How do you find my new banner up there? courtesy of supersomething.blogspot.com (ijat). the photographer? Ahmad Izhan Datuk Abdul Rashid, a friend from the office (still single & very available… hehe!)

Currently I’m trying to put in as many articles that I can find regarding life insurance for the benefit of everyone here. I have declared the source for each article & since many of them are tailored more to the US insurance landscape, I hope you can use the basic concept derived from it.

The team & I are currently in the midst of moving office, so we are quite tied up at the moment.

One Response to “What say you?”
  1. izzat says:

    blogger has gone haywire and my latest blog entries are not available for public viewing. should anyone wish to berkenalan, just drop a line or two to izzat.zumairi [at] gmail.com. single hot women are encouraged to do so. guys need not bother. haha

    p/s: ladies, photos appreciated.

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