A sweet name that’s getting the attention of taday’s parents to be.

Well, the Qistina mentioned here is the daughter to a close friend of mine, Nazrol Hafiz. He’s an ex schoolmate who was athletic and active in school. At the moment, Nazrol is going through a tough time and if you log on to www.qistina.org you’ll find out why.

Here’s an excerpt :

About Qistina

Full Name : Nuur Qistina Hayani Binti Nazrol Hafiz

Date of Birth : 28 October 2006

Gender : Female

Nur Qistina Hayani is suffering from liver cancer ( hepatoblastoma ). What can a 6 months baby knows about this disease. She is right now going through the Chemotherapy

process. The costs for Chemotherapy and Surgery will takes around RM 100,000.00 ( Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred Thousands). She looks very healthy from the outside and for sure she does not understands what she is going through! We need your help to donate to us so we can help Qistina to live happily as any other children!

2 Responses to “Qistina”
  1. Anita says:

    When I first saw the baby’s photos, I thought to myself, “What a cute and beautiful baby. I bet she’s gonna turn into a beautiful lady one day.”.. but when I read on about her illness, I cried… I know how it feels to have someone so close to us suffer from this deadly disease. I lost my dad to cancer, and I just lost my close friend who was like a brother to me today. I pray for Qistina’s wellbeing…

  2. hanafi says:

    nanti aku blogkan kat blog aku..

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