Update on the Xenon issue

I was excited when I first came across this headline in The Star over my kopi O ais & roti bawang this morning. I thought to myself, YEAH ! its time to get those HIDs !

Well think again! Coz its only an explanation by car makers who produce automobiles with built in Xenon lights. And my car manufacturer ain’t 1 of them ! Erm.. not a suprise I guess because not a single model on their production line carries Xenon lights. Duuuuuuh!

Anyway, unless you drive a Merc or Bimmer or any stock car that passes a certain international standards, we are many many discussions away until the banned to be Xenons become legal and non bannable for the all major cars.

Carmakers: Xenon lights no danger to road users

PETALING JAYA: Carmakers say that Xenon lights installed on their vehicles meet international requirements and pose no danger to other road users.

DaimlerChrysler Malaysia Sdn Bhd vice-president of sales and marketing Florian Mueller said Xenon lights on Mercedes-Benz models were developed to give better lighting cover.

Mueller said Mercedes-Benz’s Xenon lights were also equipped with headlight washers as dirty headlights could disperse the strong Xenon light beams and dazzle other road users.

Last week, JPJ director of Enforcement Salim Parlan said the department was considering regulations to prohibit the use of Xenon lights on vehicles altogether.

He also said he had received complaints from the public on modified Xenon headlights that “blind” other road users and added that JPJ would take immediate action against modifications beyond the set standard under the Road Transport Act (1987).

BMW Malaysia Sdn Bhd corporate affairs manager T. Vijayaratnam believes that the issue involved Xenon modification kits that did not meet safety standards.

He said the Xenon lights installed on BMW models had been extensively tested and met international safety requirements and regulations.

The Malaysian Automotive Association wants to meet the JPJ to discuss the matter.

Its president Datuk Aishah Ahmad said the association had not been informed by JPJ on the proposal to ban Xenon headlights.

5 Responses to “Update on the Xenon issue”
  1. shrl says:

    xenon light ni btl2 selamat ker?kalo kabus x nmpk jln ooo…nmpk putih jer dpn tu…heh!
    p/s:mr sarlim parlan was previously the head of d.p.a..the diploma which i had to attend in order to confirm my post…hehe…

  2. Jackie says:

    I find Xenon Mercedes Benz Headlight as one of those good quality headlights in the industry, which was amazingly equipped with headlight washer, essential so as not to disperse the light beams from the bulb.

  3. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  4. KennyT says:

    Of course… of all the countries that sells state-of-the-art, well designed and premium performance vehicles like BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz and Porsche…. it’s Malaysia’s stringent and high level of safety standards that these vehicles fail to pass. Just look at how the highest level of transportation authorities statements about a potential blanket ban on Xenon headlights!

    Leaving US, the EU and the rest of the world stunned as they come to grips that their safety regulations and restrictions are backwards and conservative compared to Malaysia!

    Wow. Can these authorities hear what they are saying? Illegal modifications of Xenon headlights is a pain in the eyes (and somewhere else) but cars fitted with them are tested to global standards. Malaysia shouldn’t think of themselves as THAT special.

  5. Xenon says:

    Do you think xenon-headlights are the next step to increase safety?

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