Another Money Scam

With ref to the article below in today’s Star, I strongly advise all of you to STAY AWAY from all these scams. Time and again, all of them have been proven to be bogus.

This is not to even mention the cases of online investments with daily returns! Billions have gone down the drain.

I’m sure many of you have also received emails congratulating you on winning a lottery in a foreign land OR asking to use your bank account to ‘help’ these punks ‘transfer’ their so called ‘inheritance’. There is so much of bulls*** going on these days as we move further and further into the frontiers of a border less world.

So please… BEWARE !

Two fall for million-ringgit ‘lucky draw’

PENANG: A clerk and a contractor were cheated of more than RM50,000 after being told that they had won RM4.8mil in a lucky draw.

The first incident occurred in Air Itam on June 16 when the 31-year-old clerk received a call from a man informing her that she had won RM1mil in a contest.

But in order to collect the winnings, she must deposit a processing fee of RM12,000. After paying that amount, she was told that she had won a further RM3.7mil.

The clerk was then told to bank in another RM28,000 if she wanted the winnings.

She did as instructed and the man later asked for even more money.

She told him that she had no more money and the phone calls stopped. She realised that she had been cheated and made a report at the Patani Road police station on June 20.

The contractor, 28, was cheated of RM10,600 in a similar manner on June 22.

He only realised he had been cheated after depositing the money.

Police are finding it hard to locate the suspects said to be Chinese nationals as they used bank accounts which are “rented” from individuals whom they had befriended.

It was learnt that these individuals are paid between RM200 and RM300 a month so that their bank accounts could be used to accept the deposits from the victims.

A police spokesman said people kept falling for these scams despite cases such as there being reported by the media.

“The local police are working closely with their counterparts in Johor, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor where such scams have also been reported,” said the spokesman.

4 Responses to “Another Money Scam”
  1. Marlene Yu says:

    One piece of advice, never never pay anything in order to receive money out of nowhere. One time I also got an email from Spain! saying that I won the lottery. I didn’t buy any lottery ticket so how could I win? It says that they pick the names randomly via email addresses they get from sites. Well, I do admit I do a lot of surfing and a lot of these sites require you to register with your email address.

    I then called up Spain! because they have left a number for me. I was able to talk to the person. But still I have my doubts. so I checked the number on the internet and found out the it’s a mobile phone. They also gave me numbers to their banks and the head of the of the lottery ticket, again I checked their numbers and they were all mobile. Quesion, if they are legitimate businesses, they will sure have a landline number right? And as usual I was asked to pay a processing fee in order to get my winnings. Forget it! I am not buying it! I checked the lottery tickets company in Spain and it clearly states in the website, that you have to BUY a lottery ticket in order to be eligible of winning. Therefore, in conclusion, it’s another kind of scam! People, beware!

  2. zul says:

    sometimes people act out of simultaneous greed and stupidity

  3. shrl says:

    yet, still ppl fall into it…

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