Work-related diseases on the rise

I quote from the article below  “Socso paid out a total of RM16bil last year for employment injury and invalidity, with about 1% of these were for work-related diseases.

Ask those people who have recieved payments from SOCSO..

  1. is the money enough for you to maintain the same standard of living as before ?
  2. would more money/allowance help you and the family to get buy?
  3. if you knew this would happen to you, would you have taken additional measures to protect your income?

You know the answer, right?

Work-related diseases on the rise

PUTRAJAYA: More cases of work-related diseases have been reported in both the public and private sectors in the past few years.

The Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) reported 110 cases of work-related diseases as of June in the public sector, compared with nine in 2006, while Sosco recorded 194 such cases in the private sector in 2005, 10 more from the previous year.

Socso paid out a total of RM16bil last year for employment injury and invalidity, with about 1% of these were for work-related diseases.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn said employers, however, remained unaware of the dangers faced by their workers from conditions at work.

“We have received reports that some workers, as a result of prolonged exposure to certain chemicals in their offices, have even developed cancer.”

” But bosses tend to focus their occupational and safety health issues on preventing accidents. So, there is a real lack of awareness on work-related diseases.”

“Because such diseases usually develop four or five years after exposure, we have to examine all the complaints carefully,” he told reporters after launching the Occupational Safety and Health Convention at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre here Tuesday.

Dr Fong also warned bosses that if they were found to be in breach of guidelines on workplace standards, they could be liable for prosecution.

“In addition, DOSH will also be asked to enhance its enforcement on issues like indoor air quality and globally harmonised system, which deals with the classification and labelling of chemicals,” he said, adding that the ministry also hoped to have 10,000 DOSH officers working in companies by the year 2010 as a measure to put Malaysia in better ranking on workplace accidents.

Malaysia currently has a ratio of 5.83 cases of workplace accidents for every 1,000 workers, and hopes to bring this down to the level of developed nations like Japan, which has around two cases for every 1,000 workers.

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