A blog entry from Sifu… at last!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Surprise Blog Reminder

As I reached my car, I saw a note on my windscreen. It read,”Have you updated your blog?” I smiled to myself as I knew there could be only one soul who would care whether I update my blog or not.

I used to remind this bright and intelligent young man to update his blog. It seems that lately he updates his blog regularly. Once when I shared this with him about our roles being reversed, he said it’s a check and balance for me.

Being a trainer, I am fully aware of the fact that people say that you tend to preach the lessons you need for yourself. I believe that this is very true. Sometimes my past participants would quote exactly what I have said word by word right in my face.

For today, I would like to thank this young man for the reminder. May God bless you with great abundance in your life.

6 Responses to “A blog entry from Sifu… at last!”
  1. Mentor says:

    Ha..ha…ha…just noticed you picked this piece as well to be shared. I am truly touched. xie xie ni.

  2. devidblein says:


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