Graduates lack general knowledge

Hmm.. I do feel that the current education system is still too much of academics and lacking of other skills in life that we MUST acquire.

Personally, 2 main online references for general knowledge that every student have to know and familiarize themselves with are Google ( and Wikipedia (

For the academician, Ebscohost offers a wide range of online journals and publications.

And finally, every Malaysian should not be without the national government web page (

The Star :

Graduates lacking in general knowledge, says Mustapa

SEPANG: A lack of general knowledge is one of the problems facing graduates who are interviewed by the Public Services Commission (PSC) for potential employment opportunities.

Citing examples, Higher Education Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed said some did not know which states border Thailand, had a lack of understanding about how the Government works and had no idea on current issues.

“We are concerned as the PSC is the biggest employer of graduates.

“We arranged this meeting so that the PSC can give feedback to the ministry and the vice-chancellors of public universities,” he told reporters after a meeting with the PSC and vice-chancellors.

Asked how the public universities were expected to help their students improve their general knowledge, he said the vice-chancellors would be asked to beef up the soft skills module.

Mustapa added that employment opportunities within the Government were very competitive as many were keen to join.

PSC chairman Tan Sri Jamaluddin Ahmad Damanhuri reiterated that general knowledge was not the sole criterion used in the hiring process.

“What are important are qualifications. During the interview, we will find out if they have sufficient knowledge, not only pertaining to their work but general knowledge,” he said.

Asked what other criteria were used when hiring, he said they included personal traits and competency in language.

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