Azli Razali in Sime Darby People News

Sime Darby scholar Muhammad Nurazli bin Razali, who
graduated from Robinson College, Cambridge in 2000, is nother
scholar who was granteda leave of absence or four years, even
before he returned to start serving his bond with the Group.

“I managed to land a job with Credit Suisse First Boston’s
Mergers & Acquisitions team in London and the Yayasan was
generous to grant me a leave of absence that widened my
experience, for which I am extremely grateful,” he said.

“The Yayasan’s generosity gave me the opportunity to
work overseas. Itwas an eye-opening experience that allowed
me to see how things are done ininternational organisations,
as well as to interact with field experts and top management
of blue chip businesses in London’s investment
banking fraternity.”

Azli returned to join the Group’s plantations and food division
in 2003, where he is using his overseas working experience
to contribute to the division’s businessdevelopment and
corporate finance projects.

As a Manager in the Business Development Corporate
Finance Department, he is involved in looking at synergistic
acquisitions s well as assisting in charting the strategicdirection
of the Sime Darby Group’s lantations and food division.

* Azli Razali is on the Advisors list of


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