Boost your blog traffic

I got an email from Zul @ to look up this blog. Please read the details in the article from his website.

Internet marketing gives bigger-sized Cappuccino

Attention internet marketers and blogosphere kingpins, please make room for, a guy from Sabah, living in Sabah and making money from his home in Sabah. Who is this Sabahan? We don’t know. He is a guy using the name Gaman as a pseudonym. But boy, I’m just glad he is from my country.

Gaman has steered Sabahan to continuously stamp its presence in the internet world. Apart from getting the recognition from other bloggers for his useful posts such as the 10 most useful WordPress plugins and 50 most influential blogs in Malaysia, he never stops short of devising new strategies to attract more visitor (read “money”). He even paid the dot com mogul, The Al-CaputCino John Chow to review his blog, which as a result, saw a spike of traffic coming in. But is it worth the investment? Gaman tells you about the John Chow Effect on Sabahan.

Now, he has embarked on yet another viral marketing strategy by organizing Sabahan Review Contest, with a promise of a domain name and web hosting for life.

In the process of making money online, Sabahan also creates another example how one can make a good living out of their very own home. He perhaps does his blog writing wearing his pajama short, shirtless, in his own room, next to his very own toilet. If he drinks coffee, he’s probably gone from drinking a 1/3 mug size of a latte, then a medium sized espresso, then a Cappuccino and then to an extra large. In his early venture too, he would have probably started eating me maggie (tabik!) to buying half of the Crab City Restaurant by the Jesselton Point (does it still exist?).

Yes, as you would see, his website is not the prettiest of all. I don’t like it much, and there is little to praise about the look of it. However, every post, which covers mainly on internet marketing, computer and money making, is interesting and is worth your reading time. As to me, even if my website is no where close to being nominated in the best design award, as far as I have money keeps flowing in, I can live with that!

Sabahan, if you read this, winning the review is secondary. What I need from you, is one bloody comment in my blog! -) Yup, that’ll do it (And perhaps some link backs in your future posts…). I’ll be more than happy.

One Response to “Boost your blog traffic”
  1. hanafi says:

    Cheer up, your blog might not have the best design but your writing rock.


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