No Excuse

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No excuse for not having a plan

By : C. GOOI, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

I READ daily requests for donations to pay medical bills in major newspapers. These newspapers are providing an invaluable service helping the unfortunate victims.

People from all walks of life donate as Malaysians are known to be caring and generous. However, there is a downside to these good deeds.

We are indirectly promoting the use of sympathy as a tool to seek financial help.

Why are there so many people without medical insurance? Is it because they genuinely cannot afford insurance or because they think that the government hospitals would provide free or very affordable services?

Some of the families of these victims led an above-average lifestyle before their medical problems surfaced. But they failed to protect their families with medical insurance.
Reality hits when the size of the financial burden of medical treatment affects both the wealthy and the poor. The sad fact is that the victims could have prevented this financial burden by insuring themselves.I wish I could select the deserving ones to whom I could donate, the poor and uneducated. Not to people who can afford to own a car, house or handphone.

I work very hard for my income, too, but I painfully fork out the insurance premiums.

Let’s not have excuses that the majority of people asking for donations are earning RM600 to RM800 a month. There are insurance plans to fit everyone’s budge

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