An advice frm Marcus Raney Dios (top blood donor)

Become donors, Dios urges youngsters

KUCHING: Marcus Raney Dios, the country’s top blood donor, has been fit as a fiddle for many years.

“I cannot remember the last time I fell sick.

“I have never taken sick leave except after I met with a road

accident in 1996,” said Dios, a Bidayuh who is attached to the signals section of the state police headquarters at Jalan Baruddin here.

Dios, who has given 153 pints of blood since 1972, holds the record as the top donor in the Malaysia Book of Records in 2002.

Public recognition: Dios receiving a gold pendant and certificate from Laila in Kuching yesterday. (From right) Looking on are Malaysian Red Crescent Society’s Kuching chapter vice-chairman Titus Chuo and deputy chairman Dr Chou Chii Ming.

Dios, 55, said regular blood donations and careful eating have kept him healthy.

“I have not taken sugar for the past eight years, and I take meat only once a week,” he told reporters at the Malaysian Red Crescent Society Kuching Chapter’s annual blood donors’ awards presentation.

The chapter’s patron Datuk Amar Laila Taib, who is also the wife of the Chief Minister, gave away the awards to the top donors.

The pride of his village, Kampung Suba Bandar in Bau, Dios said he gave blood every three months and would continue to do so.

His only son, Houdson Jay, 28, is also a regular blood donor. Jay is a policeman serving in Banting, Selangor.

Dios urged youngsters to sign up as regular blood donors as their selfless deeds would help save the lives of others.

“You may need blood one day. Do not expect others to help you all the time,” he said.

Other top donors who received their awards were Goh Eng Hui (135 pints), Arabi Edi and Vixonsday Francis Ketir (95 pints each) and Ismail Usop (90 pints).


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