Maybank Credit Cards on weekends

I was queuing up at the check out counter in a TESCO outlet this evening to buy some groceries.

Since payday has just passed and it was Saturday night, all and sundry were out shopping for their monthly provisions. With the recent pay rise for all 1 million over government servants, the queue was very long and most of the shopping carts were full to the brim.

Just in front of me was this lady and her young daughter. Her grand total came to RM 150 + and like any other ordinary Malaysian, she handed her Bonuslink card and Maybank Visa card to settle her payment.

What would normally take less than 2 minutes turned out to be a half an hour wait to the extent that the customers lining up behind me went to queue at other counters. I on the other hand had no choice bout to wait as my groceries were already on the conveyor belt.

3 other TESCO staff came to help out but in the end the customer got fed up and just paid with cash. My question is, who is at fault here and what have the parties involved done to resolve this matter as it caused a half an hour wait and there were thousands of customers lining up at all 30 check out lanes?

Why do I say it was due to the Maybank credit card or Maybank’s online system? This was mentioned by the cashier (meaning that other banks had no problem at all even on congested weekends near PayDay) but the lady in front of me refused to use any other card or pay using cash for the first 29 minutes, but gave up on the 30th minute!

To prove the cashier’s theory (who happend to try and swipe the Maybank credit card for what seemed like 2 dozen times but failed!) I paid using my CIMB card and viola! All done in less than a minute. The guy behind me also used his credit card (also not from Maybank)  and again, there was no problem at all…

Maybe the lady’s card was faulty? I don’t think so as she claimed she had just purchased petrol that evening and from the looks of her card, it was quite new and seldom used… (standing in line for 30 minutes allowed me to even see the thick stack of RM 50 notes in her wallet.. duhh!)

Anyway, I don’t put the blame totally on Maybank or TESCO (even though the guy behind me he had the same problem at GIANT one time ago).  Maybe it was the telecommunication line provider or any of the data entry hardware involved in the transaction, who knows?

The point here is, for all the parties involved, please look into this problem and get it settled as soon as possible. Profit is at stake and so is the time of the general public. Imagine if the lady in front of me did not have cash or did not have any other credit card.

Don’t laugh coz it might just happen to you one day….

2 Responses to “Maybank Credit Cards on weekends”
  1. shrl says:

    haha..almost happen to me once..lucky uncle in front of me kena dulu…n he was lucky he had cash..a lots of them…hehehe…yg aku plak bila dgr cashier tu ckp kt uncle tu,”maaf ye cik,line credit card ada mslh la ari ni…cik ada cash?”..aku wat2 check troli aku,pastu wat2 mcm ada terlupa nak amek brg,terus kuar que…sampai kat area beras, aku tglkan je troli tu..hahaha!!!pdn muka dia…sape suh offline…kan dah rugi sorg customer mcm aku ni yg x pnh bwk cash lebih dari rm50 dlm poket…kahkahkah!!

  2. Ahn says:


    In my case, I did the Inter Giro Fund Transfer from Maybank saving account to Citibank, and after log off, the transaction summary showed that the transaction was accepted but with null value…. Yg peliknya 3 out 4 transaction are ok. Tang satu di tengah2 hilang. Curious….. I called maybank ….. after waited 30 minutes with few attempts. The worst case I called from Australia. It cost me more than AUD 30 just for the call made. A lady with arrogant voice answered and explained that was due to time out. Need to wait Monday. Hmmm…. boleh caya ke maybank nie? Still waiting nie…. let see how they will response.,

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