Die Hard 4.0 – “Fire Sale”

Last night, I had the opportunity to watch this recently released, fast paced and action packed movie. Starring Bruce Willis as the main hero, along with Justin Long and Timothy Olyphant as the expert hackers in this whole charade.

The main issue that struck the most interest for me was how there is a possibility of wiping out entire governments with the use of information communication technology. And it is also in this movie that I first came across the term “fire sale” in the context of ICT. Here is a brief definition from Wikipedia :

The term “fire sale” is used in the 2007 movie Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4.0 in EU) to describe a hypothetical attack by computer hackers on vital networks of the United States government, infrastructure, and economy. Use of the term is explained with a reference to a typical fire sale: “everything must go.” Any computer-operated system will be a target for such an attack, although the movie focused on four primary objectives: disrupting transportation, stealing and destroying financial records, disabling all public utilities, and creating fear with a PSYOP media campaign. This theoretical process drives the plot of the movie, threatening to bring the United States of America to its knees through widespread chaos and fear.

4 Responses to “Die Hard 4.0 – “Fire Sale””
  1. remo says:

    is that possible could a fire sale really happen

  2. F4RR3LL says:

    that could be if public facilities like command centers are infiltrated. but as far as ICT is concerned, the govt also got a lot of ethical hackers who can really counter this kind of attack if this “fire sale” is true.

  3. othan says:

    can it be applied in a country like philippines

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