New SDARA Merchandise

Only 4 days left to one of the biggest alumni dinners to ever be held in the last 50 years. In conjunction with that, here are some of the latest items that will be up for grabs (COD of course!). See you there !!!

13 Oz Thermo Mug

30″ Tafetta Nylon Golf Umbrella

SDARA Logo Car Sticker

SDARA acrylic business card holder for desktop

SDARA Official TIE

SDARA 50 Years Car Sticker

SDARA Official Batik

SDARA Limo ?
More pics at

3 Responses to “New SDARA Merchandise”
  1. Zul says:

    Yes, I want the limo minus the sdara plate and sdara sticker….

  2. drnaz says:

    I can get you a replica of the front emblem for less than RM 100 ! hehe..

  3. Konon2 Bukan Budi says:


    Your school alumni/dudes have custom-made limos???

    I’m impressed!!!

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