Bus Chased

Remember the recent express bus accident in Perak that took 22 lives? Then there was another bus accident in Johor recently, not so severe but still, an accident.

The question that I hate to ask is, who is responsible?

Coz A will say B and B will point to C, and D will say he had nothing to do with it so try and ask E who will eventually blames A,B,C and D altogether so on and so forth.

Anyway, what can we from the public to to help prevent future tragedies?

I only heard about the Bkt Gantang accident the day after it happened whereby a client SMSed and asked “how soon can you get that Personal Accident policy approved (the one that you said costs about RM 30 per month) if I signed up today?” to which I replied “the one which you told me you did not need?”…”it will be approved the moment you sign & pay”… hmmm.

Anyway, what pissed me off this morning was on my way to the office via the KL-Seremban PLUS Highway between the Sedang & Sg Besi Toll at 7.08 – 7.15 am, I was on the most right lane cruising at 110 km/h when an SKS bus in gold color came up behind me so near that it showed the intention that I should change to the middle lane and let the bus pass.

This express bus, license plate number NBQ 10## had no business to be in the right lane in the 1st place. Can u imagine, if I was driving at 110km/h, how fast was the bus going? Eventually, nearing the Sg Besi Toll plaza the bus changed to the left lane since it did not succeed in overtaking me (coz I was so afraid that another tragedy might happen… EVENTHOUGH the bus was inches from the rear of my car.. and it kept changing lanes in the meantime….. Damn!)

So, what are we to do? Just complain to the authorities? or educate the drivers? or build more rails for fast trains? or just cycle to work? or what?

I’m FED UP of reckless bus drivers such as this morning because I know there are also many bus drivers out there who are careful & care a lot about the lives of the passengers who are under his responsibility…


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