Budget 2008 : Now ‘it will not be so difficult to raise children’

Now ‘it will not be so difficult to raise children’

RAISING children will not be so difficult with the massive boost for the education sector, Kenneth Loke said.

“This is good news. Kids are going to get free education all the way up to secondary school,” Loke, 31, said.

On Thursday, he was interviewed by The Star on what he would have to see in Budget 2008 and had hoped for clear incentives to have children.

“The increase in the number of Public Service Department scholarships will also make it easier for those who can get a scholarship.”

Tengku Badariah Tengku Abu Bakar, 31, said the Government

valued the contribution of teachers by giving special allowances to them.

“The Government could also look into recognising teachers with other special skills,” she said.

When asked on Thursday what she wanted to see in Budget 2008, she had said that she wanted the Government to address the rising cost of living, healthcare and education.

“I think the Government has provided a good opportunity for students to excel by increasing the number of scholarships and their cost of living allowances,” she said.

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