Budget 2008 : Small traders hope to buy houses

Small traders hope to buy houses

ZURAIHA Saidin, who sells laksa in Bayan Lepas, wanted to buy a house in 2003. She failed, because she could not obtain a bank loan.

She now hopes to buy that house thanks to the incentives announced in Budget 2008.

She welcomed news that the government would establish a fund to provide guarantee to banks, which in turn would be asked to give loans to farmers and small traders like her.

The 32-year-old mother of two said it was difficult for her to obtain a housing loan because both she and her husband ran private businesses.

“Eventually, we managed to buy over a flat from a relative,” she added.

Over in Kampung Suka Menanti near Alor Star, farmers Mohd Asrul Anuar Asriand Mohd Hafizi Asri are happy that they may finally be able to buy their own houses.

Mohd Asrul Anuar, 25, and his brother Mohd Hafizi, 20, said they did not have payslips to apply for loans.

“With government help, it will be easier for us to buy houses. Then, we would not have to rent houses or stay with our parents when we get married,” said the elder brother.

He said this might encourage more youths to be involved in the agriculture sector.

“The younger generation prefer to work in factories to earn a fixed income, social security and EPF contributions, leaving their elderly parents to work in the field,” he said.


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