Few aware of insurance (Travel) ruling

Few aware of insurance ruling

KUALA LUMPUR: Thousands thronged the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (Matta) Fair yesterday, but only a few people realised that it is now compulsory for agents to offer travellers insurance coverage.

Lawyer Jananee Gopal, 26, who was shopping around for flights to Britain, said she was “not aware of this until now.”

“It’s good to know though that consumers are not at the losing end if a company goes bust.”

One such insurance scheme agents can offer is the Matta Medi Evac Insurance which will insure travellers for up to RM5,000 for reimbursement or full payment of air tickets or tour packages should the travel agent go bust.

This came about after the Excellence Holidays fiasco, where the travel agency closed its operations after receiving money from customers at a previous fair in March.

Bargain hunting: Visitors getting information on the travel bargains at the Matta Fair in Kuala Lumpur on Friday.

Underwritten by Kurnia Insurance Malaysia Bhd and RHB Insurance Bhd, the Matta Medi Evac premium is RM7.50 per person for the first three days and RM2.50 for each subsequent day.

Engineer Ahmad Razaly, 45, who is planning to travel to Kota Kinabalu with his family, said that he was not aware of the new regulation.

“I would like to know more about the insurance scheme first, but if the premium is reasonable, then I would buy,” he said.

Programme manager Karen Ong, 31, was among the few who knew about the insurance.

“This should have been done a long time ago, and not only after something bad happens.”

Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk Donald Lim opened the three-day Matta Fair at the Putra World Trade Centre yesterday.


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