Forensics unit in every state ‘timely’

Forensics unit in every state ‘timely’

THE setting up of a mobile forensics unit in every state is timely in view of challenges faced by police as well as the manner in which crimes are being committed.

CID principal assistant director (forensics) Senior Asst Comm (II) Datuk Abdul Malek Harun said currently only Kedah, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Penang had such units.

“With the setting up of such units nationwide we hope to be able to conduct faster, better and more comprehensive investigations.

“We thank the government for understanding and taking heed of the needs of the police,” he said.

Expert hands: A 2005 file picture of Supt Amidon gathering clues at a crime scene in Kuala Lumpur. He says the number of criminal investigations that require CSI experience has risen.

There are currently 191 crime scene investigation officers in the police force with 60 of them being officers. The rest are rank and file personnel.

Supt Amidon Anan, a pioneer in CSI here, said the setting up of mobile forensic units nationwide was the best way to improve the quality of investigations.

He said the number of criminal investigations that requires CSI expertise has risen and it was only a matter of time before even district-level police would need such units.


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