Another money SCAM

This is another example of how it is so easy to succumb to the human want of GREED. To me its quite simple. If a Mr. Jones called you up to say you won RM 1,000,000 BUT in order for the money to be transferred to your account, you’d have to fork out a ‘management fee’ of say RM 10,000 i.e. 1%.

If it was that easy, why in the world would Mr. Jones ask your for RM 10,000 to get
RM 1,000,000? Mr. Jones might as well fork out his own RM 10,000 to get the million.

But we are surrounded by great ‘actors’ in this world, who are better known as con men that have this ability and skill of cheating people to deprive them of their hard earned money.

So, please BEWARE … If an offer sounds just tooooooooo good to be true, that it is just that. Its merely just another scam !

The Star : Sunday September 9, 2007

Sales manager in JB loses RM134,000 in turf club scam

JOHOR BARU: A 26-year-old sales manager was cheated of over RM134,000 in a scam that cost him his life savings and left him in debt.

Ee Tai Swee said he was duped into believing the scam after several telephone conversations with people who claimed to be from a bank and the turf club in Hong Kong.

However, after losing in the game several times, he realised that he was cheated and lodged a report at the police station here.

On Aug 21, a woman claiming to be from an electronic company telephoned him and told him that he had won a cash prize of S$200,000 (RM460,000) sponsored by Hong Kong Turf Club but had to give her S$5,080 (RM11,600).

Ee said he was also given the number of a “bank manager” in Hong Kong.

“The bank manager faxed me a copy of my cheque and a statement of a bank account containing RM460,000.

“After all this, I began to believe that I had won the prize,” he told a press conference called by Bandar Baru Tampoi MCA chief Michael Tay Chee Boon yesterday.

Ee said he then deposited RM11,600 into the account of the company’s Malaysian partner.

Later, a man claiming to be from the turf club contacted him and asked to him to join as a member.

“He made me believe that he had reliable tips to help me win the horse race.

“I banked in another RM123,050 to him for the bets but never won a game,” he said.

Ee said he was now in debt as RM70,000 was borrowed from friends.

He said he wanted the public to know of the scam and be aware of it.

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