Wealth Dynamics Seminar : Point #1

According to wikipedia.org, the total world GDP in 2006
was in excess ofUSD $48 trillion.

This means that every single second, there is more than a total
of USD $ 1.35 million flowing all over the globe. The point is, how do
you direct a significant fragment from that total flow of wealth to your advantage?

Your ability to redirect a portion of that flow will translate into the
increment of your personal wealth.

One Response to “Wealth Dynamics Seminar : Point #1”
  1. Torchwolf says:

    Found your blog after googling around Roger Hamilton to see opinions of his books and events. Thanks for your notes, it’s good to see some details!

    My immediate thought on these numbers is: All global numbers sound big, cos the world is so very big. Whether it’s GDP numbers or how many people die of some disease every day.

    $48 trillion per year seems to come out to $7,500 per person on the planet.

    And even if we are only looking at economically active people in rich countries, it’s still only in the ballpark of $27,000 per person.

    Then if we’re talking about how to direct a slice of it towards us, that is not wealth creation, it’s appropriating a bigger slice of the wealth that is already there.

    So none of this sounds like what I was looking for.

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