Wealth Dynamics Seminar by Roger Hamilton

This was a 3 day course which I had the privilege of attending in Holiday Villa Subang last week, courtesy of my mentor, Pn M. She was away on business and since I really like these kinds of knowledge packed short courses, Pn M asked me to attend it on her behalf.

There were 500 participants in total. For a brief idea of what is behind Wealth Dynamics and the XL corporation you can log on to wealthdynamics.org. Alternately you can also browse through rogerhamilton.com

To me, these are the kinds of courses that you go to get a new idea or perspective at life and every single minute, you’ll be thrown with so many floating thoughts that if you do not write it down, its gonna be no more than just another sit back and relax seminar.

Among the most important new thing I learned was the power of networking. Since there were so many powerful ideas, I’ll make each short and brief under different postings.

However, please bear in mind that these are just from some notes I scribbled down during the whole 3 day seminar. They are just some basic concepts which you might or might not have come across in other books or seminars.

To get the whole :

  • big picture and to truly feel the adrenalin rush,
  • the unlimited flow of thoughts/ideas,
  • the dancing,
  • the screaming,
  • the excitement,
  • the confidence,
  • the fantastic interactive network experience and a whole lot MORE I STRONGLY urge you to attend this seminar by Roger Hamilton and his team (no, I’m not getting paid to promote them.. hahaha!).

I spent 3 hours last night at the Sports Barn Futsal centre in PJ to re look and rewrite all the thoughts and new ideas on that I gained during last week’s course.

In comparison to my simple notes, here is a more detailed outline of the course from the Results Foundation website :

The Wealth Dynamics Profiling system provides clarity on your path of least resistance to wealth creation. Through a profiling test it identifies your specific path to wealth. Wealth Dynamics is an evolution of Jungian psychometric testing into specific action & thinking dynamics that relates to entrepreneurs. It goes back to the roots of personality profiling in Chinese philosophy, which precedes Western psychometric testing by 2,500 years. Rather than just being a profiling report and list of soft recommendations, Wealth Dynamics provides an intuitive system which equips an entrepreneur with:

1. Clarity on the path of least resistance to success.
2. One of eight paths with a list of identifiable role models & biographies.
3. A six step process to building the right team and focusing on the right activity.
4. Links to the growth stages in business, giving clarity on leadership succession.
5. Links to country, industry and lifestyle trends, giving clarity on when winning formulas become losing formulas.

Wealth Dynamics is a vitally important tool for entrepreneurs, and provides essential formulas for step-by-step actions to reach your personal wealth.


“Exciting! Energetic! Enthusiam! Let Roger’s Wealth Dynamics Weekend transform your wealth to the next dimension.”

– Dave Rogers,
Chief Coach, Investorpreneur and Author of
“How to be an Awesome Impact Coach”, Canada

“Roger Hamilton has created an extraordinarily valuable set of insights, exercises and key distinctions concerning your personal pathway to wealth. His Stealth Wealth Weekend can help you become a better performing pilot in the Financial Flight of your own life. It’s a view that is breathtaking and money making. I recommend Roger’s work highly. Don’t miss it.”
– Ron Kaufman,
Author of bestselling book
“Up Your Service!”, U.S.A
“The Wealth Dynamics Weekend has helped me understand the differences between people and to handle the differences and communicate better. A life-changing event!”
– Antonia Van der Vyer,
Trade Commissioner for Flanders;
Consulate General of Belgium, Hong Kong

“The Wealth Dynamics Weekend was phenomenal. Not only did I get to understand my wealth creation profile it also gave me a very straight forward guideline to understand how I easily can adjust my personal strategy so I am able to leverage on my strengths and give the tasks I really don’t enjoy or understand well, to others. This seminar is a MUST.”
– Tim Hansen,
Senior Partner
T & C Mastery Asia, Thailand

Once again, thank you to Pn M for giving me this wonderful opportunity to attend this very interesting and knowledge packed course.


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