Celcom’s Forward Charging – ‘the unexpected’

Before I proceed with the next Wealth Dynamics point, here is an update on the so called ‘fantastic’ CELCOM minutes package…

Yesterday, I went to pay my bill of RM 180+ to Celcom. Previously I was on the RM 80 minutes package to which I have had it upgraded to RM 120 as of 3rd August 2007 since what Celcom was charging me so far was quite reasonable based on my personal use of their services.

I was informed by the Celcom staff who helped me to upgrade my account that there would be ‘prorata’ charges on my next bill (this month) – which turned out to be RM 97++ extra. Fine, no argument there as I was informed of this matter.

After I made the payment at a Celcom kiosk yesterday, I was shocked to find out that I still owed Celcom another RM 109 !!!

So, still disturbed by this matter and since I had to wait like ages for the call to 1111 to be answered, I called again early this morning to have the nice customer service exec tell me that “yes sir, after your payment yesterday, you still owe us another RM109!” and I was puzzled because I still have not received my bill for August (normally I pay just after the billing date because I do not want any service interruptions and moreover, as far as the bill is concerned I very seldom go beyond the RM 200 limit and have never even crossed RM 220)

After some asking and investigating (she was very nice by the way) she told me that due to the upgrade, Celcom was charging me an advance of RM 120 !!! and I told her that this is ridiculous since I have to pay for something that I have not even used ! And what more, ever since I used their postpaid service, I have never failed to pay my bills on TIME in FULL every single month!

Fine then, even IF Celcom wants to charge me an advance, then just minus RM 120 with my previous RM 80. So its only RM 40 ! but no… its damn easier to abuse the customer isn’t it ???

To me, its not so much an issue or RM 40, 80 or 120 but the fact that as a telco provider, promoting the so called ‘CELCOM territories’ how on earth can Celcom impose such a procedure on upgrades from their loyal customers?

Instead of upgrading, customers might just terminate their account and go for
MAXIS or even DIGI and bring all their thousands of friends, clients, famliy members and blog readers with them. ehm ehm…..

13 Responses to “Celcom’s Forward Charging – ‘the unexpected’”
  1. Zul says:

    “she was very nice by the way”

    Can I have the girl’s phone number? 👿

  2. drnaz says:

    She was so nice about this whole issue that I forgot to ask. But I assured her that this was not her fault and that Celcom should be more transparent in their procedures…

  3. Fauzi says:

    Celcom is the telco that I love to hate.

    I used to retain my 019 number (registered since 1996) for two years, without using it, and paying the monthly bill just to retain the number, hoping it to change…… I registered 016 then in 1999.

    But since 2002, I almost never use celcom again….. it was (almost) deaf on customer SUGGESTIONS!

    CEO of a training company

  4. I’m with Maxis since 2004. I was having “inconsistencies” issues from TMTOUCH before that. Therefore, unless I have a strong recommendation from someone who use CELCOM for years, I will not migrate to CELCOM.

    One thing for sure, if their customer care is hard to reach (IMOHO, like LPPKN hotline), they are not worthy to be trusted for us to enroll as their customer.

  5. WM Hizal says:

    I’ve worked with tmtouch b4…even during the period where tm took over mobikom…then celcom….

    Suffice to say, their customer service n marketing are almost non-existent. No suprise there, since the parent company IS TMB (sorry guys).
    Celcom is like an old dinosaur, totally extinct but never realising it until too late.

  6. yuzairy says:

    Zul… the girl’s phone number is 1111

    if a guy picks up the phone, hang up and dial again.

    PS the call is recorded so drnaz can call them and give the time of call. ask them for the name of the person that entertained you. Come up with some reason.

    My best would be to file a complaint (get a complaint no) and ask Celcom to instruct the girl to call you personally to apologize about something (made it up). That will surely gets the attention 🙂

  7. pintu says:

    like to share an unexciting xperience with celcom…my suppliment line was charged for RM179 which was not supposed bcoz i am supposed to enjoy free i.e calls, sms, mms etc from me to supliment (1+3 pachege). I went berserk at their counter at PKNS PJ for 3 stupid occasions and not until the 3rd. times the game was settled. I warned them not to let me visit them for the 4th. time or they will find my grouses in the local newspaper. The girl gave away her number to me…afraid that i wud visit her for the 4th. time. It finally took 1 week to settle the “connection” problem.

    I still keep the number, in case the game crop up again. Anyone interested in the number can bring pisang putih as pengeras…but CELCOM has to really reform and not just to shout….

  8. drnaz says:

    Erm.. I made the call at 830 this morning. 1111.

    One again, she was very professional about it BUT I can’t say the same for Celcom. Really wanted to subscribe for that 1+3 thingy but now I don’t think I’m in the right state of mind nor do I have the moooood…..

  9. Sifuk says:

    Thanks for the info man. I have been using HOTLINK since 1998 and no problem with it maa. MAXIS RULES!!! 🙂

  10. Bajang says:

    ari tu aku upgrade dari rm50 ke rm80, kena bayar rm40…

    yg tension sebab last minute baru dia inform…aku ingat free je..sebab nak upgrade..bukannnya downgrade….kalau mcm ni diaorg buat bisnes kat europe (yg competetive giler) memang takleh hidup la…

  11. captwaco says:

    Call me sexy if u will. But I never used anything other than Maxis.If anybody knows anything about `loyal customer’s benefit’ Plan offered by Maxis, Pls let me on.

  12. Min says:

    I’m subcribing to POSTPAID plan ( C250) and I was precharged for the next month!! Isn’t this postpaid plan? They should have named it “”prepaid postpaid”” instead!!! I called careline but there’s nothing the operator can do..

  13. azman bin mohd aris says:

    saya nak buat pencawang diatas tanah milik saya . bagaimana caranya. tq dan harap balas.

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