Wealth Dynamics Seminar : Point #4

The Wealth Equation

All wealth is built from a basic equation :

Wealth = Value x Leverage 

Believe it or not, every single wealthy person on this planet has created money flow by creating value, and leveraging it.

According to wealthdynamics.org :

“Wealth isn’t how much money you have,
it’s what you’re left with if you lose all your money.”

Truly wealthy people have something called attraction.

They have invested their TIME in the components of wealth :

  • Wealth network (the people they know)
  • Financial fitness (knowing how to play the game)
  • Clarity of their path (we all have a path of least resistance)

The wealthy didn’t get wealthy by investing their money, they got wealthy by investing their time. They invested their time on building these three components. When a wealthy person loses all their money, they haven’t lost their network, mindset or clarity, and these make it increasingly easy for them to turn the money tap straight back on again.

One Response to “Wealth Dynamics Seminar : Point #4”
  1. Torchwolf says:

    Now this is very interesting.

    I don’t know if I would call it “true wealth”, but clearly the components of your wealth creation capacity can exist indepedently of what we’d normally count as wealth.

    And it makes sense to invest time in building those components.

    (And, umm, let’s face it, it also needs investing some money… e.g. the cash for such seminars etc)

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