Cakes from Chef Ezham

I’ve known Ezham since we were 13 ! That was more than 15 years ago & today, apart from running his own western food restaurant, he bakes cakes as a hobby.

He not only has a passion for cooking but also had formal education from UiTM in the field of culinary arts. Not only that, his wife is also a qualified chef too! So, please order with full confidence as I can assure you of high quality cakes because if you look at the list below, there are only 4 which means they have specialization.

In terms of catering for weddings, he doesn’t do the whole thing (that would fall under the skills of Abdul Halim Jefferey, another old friend and wonderful client who has catering experience for up to 5000 pax). Chef Ezham only caters for the main table as it requires a lot more artistic and personal touch.
Here is his brief advert :

Fresh homemade cakes 4 hari raya. Free delivery. Delivery on 10 & 11 oct.

List of cakes

1. Choc moist cake – rm 16 / 500 gm
2. Lemon cheese cake – rm 16 / 500 gm
3. Prune cake – rm 18 / 500 gm
4. Blueberry cake – rm 18 / 500 gm

Any inquiries please contact Chef Ezham @ 012 674 7014.  Tq.

One Response to “Cakes from Chef Ezham”
  1. Wira says:

    Agreed.. a chef who takes his art very seriously, while his Missus has a track record in representing the country and charming international judges in cooking competitions…

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