Should we blame the system?

Tomorrow will be the 5th day of Syawal. Though I’m still in Tampin right now, I just confirmed an appointment for tomorrow in KLCC after lunch.

After the long holiday and eating all the ‘sinful’ food (the ones with high cholesterol & ultra rich in sugar), I still can’t get over this 1 conversation that I had with one of my cousins recently.

She was just informing of the current move by the university we both went to once upon a time (which she now works for on the administrative side if I’m not mistaken). Its a simple move, just to rename what was originally ‘school’ to ‘faculty’ and now to ‘college’. Thus, if I was an IT major, there will no longer be ‘the school of information technology’ or ‘the faculty of information technology’ but will be known as the ‘college of information technology’.

So, I had no idea why she brought up the matter but as I just could never resist an opportunity to create a challenging conversation, I told her that “it does not matter what name you give to a faculty or school or college.

As far as I’m concerned, the university we went too had too much political cosmetics and up until today, I still receive negative feedbacks from employers and people in the job  market /corporate organizations regarding graduates from our university”

When she asked me ” Why? ” , I confidently replied “well, for starters, the majority of graduates from our university can’t even speak conversational English (for business) what more be a fluent speaker. On top of that, they lack soft skills, such as negotiation and building business relationships even though some of them graduated with good results”
I gave her the example of how one of my friends graduated with an MBA but is currently way too happy with just a desk job whereas most people with MBAs would either be in management or senior management positions OR better still, running their own business, earning 3 to 10 times more income.

Well, that final point really made her pissed off because I just came to realize at that particular point of time, she gave all these reasons on how our education system does not emphasize on the usage of the English language. More over, she told me that its not fair to say that those who do not master English will not will not do well in their profession.

At that point of time, I was no longer in the mood to carry on with the conversation because I realized that I had indirectly described her personal situation whereby she’s
just too happy with her current job (which if I’m not mistaken does not require a degree, thus she is not being paid a salary worth her degree but more to what she is worth as an employee).

At that point of time, another cousin who was over hearing our conversation blurted out “wow! its so easy to blame the system or any other party except our own self” to which caused my already pissed off cousin to tone down.

We never finished the heated discussion but just for the record, my intention was to create an awareness so that she might come up with ideas within a group of friends to improve the quality of graduates since she still lives and works on the campus grounds.

But then again, if all we ever do is complain on how we are being paid too little for the job that we currently do OR we should be promoted to a higher post OR you are not in the field of your choice, just think for a moment why there are people within your age group that are being paid 3 to 10 times more than what you earn but never stop having passion for their chosen profession.

And due to that passion and burning desire to do what interests them the most they would even do their job for free, thus eventually enabling them to reap the fruits of success over and over and over again throughout their entire life…

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