Thank You

It’s been 17 days since any updates here but I do know that many of you have been dropping in once in a while.

Just a few days ago, I received an sms from one of my clients who happened to visit this simple blog of mine for the 1st time. Her sms inspired me because as far as I know, most of the time, she is way too occupied with her day to day task of running an audit firm owned by her husband with almost 30 staff. They are also into property development.

As such, I must dump in as much info here that I think will benefit all you readers. Once again, thank you for your support & I look forward to any comments/suggestions in the near future.

In case you were wondering, for the past 2 weeks or so, since the SDAR 50 Years Dinner in Seremban, I have been seriously catching up on other matters pertaining to work which needed immediate attention. On top of that, 30th Nov is the final day of the accounting year (for me and some friends) so, we’re trying to clock in as much work as we can.

Finally, I would also like to thank those alumni members who attended the recent AGM & elected me to the post of SDARA Assistant Secretary for the 2007-2009 term. As the youngest member in the present high comittee, the tasks that lay ahead will surely be a lot more challenging and I look forward to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible on top of the main objective of serving the members at all levels, insyaAllah.

Thank you.


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