Tips for travellers

  • If not following a tour group, visit countries with a good public transportation system. If you have to take a taxi, the chances of you getting conned is higher. The places you choose to stay should be strategic, such as near a bus or train station. – Wong Suet Beng
  • Look out for train passes and student discounts. I got myself a ‘rail pass’ in Japan that lasted seven days. I used it to go everywhere. A student card is useful to get student discounts, especially in Europe. – Suet Beng
  • Watch your back – metaphorically and literally. I always take the corner window seats in the bus. I put my back against the side and sit facing inwards. – Suet Beng
  • Carry your backpacks at the front to avoid being robbed by pickpockets. I had just gotten off the motorbike taxi in Vietnam, so my backpack was behind, and I felt a very light tug. I pulled my bag to the front and noticed that there was a small hole cut into my bag. – Suet Beng
  • Be well prepared. Plan trips according to what you want to see and where you want stay. The Lonely Planet guidebook has shoestring budgets and tips for students. – Suet Beng
  • Carry a waist pouch to keep essential items. For backpacking, it is very important to have the pouch to keep your money and passport. – Jolene Chong I’Chin
  • Don’t store your money in one place. Don’t put all your money in one place. Put some in your bag, some in your waist pouch, some in your wallet. I also sewed a secret pocket inside my pants to keep some money. – Lim Keng Fong
  • There is safety in numbers. Look out for other foreigners or backpackers. – Jolene
  • Learn basic phrases in the language of the country you visit. If you dress like them and speak their language, no matter how broken, they will like you. Then even prices will be different! – Roshini Ashok Kumar.
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