Duped again !

After numerous cases, it still happens. These ‘daylight robbers’ are real pros because in the case below, they used teenagers to secure the deal. They must be using an MLM replicated module where the top producers get an extra bonus for ‘x’ number of sales at the end of the month. Wow!

Couple duped of RM6,500 by scratch-and-win syndicate

JOHOR BARU: Despite illegal scratch-and-win syndicates being exposed regularly in the newspapers, some people are still falling victim to them.

A couple who went to a bank in Desa Tebrau on Nov 15 was duped of RM6,500 by one such syndicate.

Supervisor Mohamad Anuar Buyong, 38, said he was waiting in the car while his wife, a teacher, was in the bank when four teenagers approached him, asking him to try his luck.

He was told he had won a car after the first try but needed to pay RM6,500 for the road tax and vehicle registration fees.

The couple pawned their jewellery for RM5,500 and withdrew RM1,000 from the bank for the payment.

“We knew that something was wrong when the person in charge gave us a receipt with electrical items listed on it. The man told us the items were gifts for us,” he said.

Mohamad Anuar and his wife Siti Kasida Achon, 37, approached MCA Johor Baru Anti-Scratch-and-Win squad chief Kua Song Tuck for help when they read of similar stories in the papers.

Kua said members of the public could play their part in curbing these syndicates by informing the police whenever they spotted the culprits at work. Anyone who has fallen victim to the syndicate can contact Kua at 016-717 7661 for assistance.


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