Have you repaid your study loan?

It might be your brother, sister, cousins, neighbors or even your spouse! Well, the only logical thing to do is pay up. If you can’t pay the recommended amount i.e. RM 200 a month, there is always room for negotiation.

The main point, just make sure you pay. As the article below states, I do know some close friends and even neighbors who are now working in the government but have yet to repay their study loans. The equation is very simple, if the borrowers do not pay up, how are new loans going to be available?

Lets just say all you can afford is RM 90 per month, so be it. At least that comes to RM 1,080 per year x 41,000 people is a whopping RM 44 million, enough to fund more than 1,000 undergrads at local universities.

Planning for your child’s education is very important and doing it early is the best way to go, but that is all another story all together…

Stern action to be taken against study loan defaulters

PENANG: Stern action will be taken against study loan defaulters, including stopping them from going overseas.

Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat said this was in line with the amendments to the PTPTN (National Higher Education Fund Corporation) Act recently.

He said the loan defaulters would have their passports confiscated until they paid up their loans.

They could also be subjected to compulsory monthly salary deductions by the Inland Revenue Board, he said.

“Previously the Act was not sufficient to act against such defaulters.

“But with the amendments, we are confident of recovering the unpaid loans,” he told reporters after launching the Pemimpin Bersama Rakyat programme in Air Itam on Sunday.

Ong said there were some 41,000 loan defaulters currently working in government agencies or government-linked companies.

“Action will be taken against them,” he said.

3 Responses to “Have you repaid your study loan?”
  1. KNizam says:

    mujo saya dulu scholar je 🙂

  2. drnaz says:

    Same here bro! hehe

  3. insurance says:

    People should repay their debts.

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