If only I had the picture of the villans !

Don’t you really wish you did? It really pisses me off that some people could even have the heard to rip off an old lady’s whole life savings, money that she earn with her own sweat and tears !

These idiot ‘daylight robbers’ normally go for those who live on the outskirts and are in their golden years. They are considered easier to be ‘convinced’.

Not all of them though because I know 1 Tan Sri in his 70’s who refused to be bothered but the
scam artist was did succeed to enter his home and play the scam :

Scene 1 : You don’t need to pay & just scratch the card.
Scene 2 : You ‘WON’ !!!
Scene 3 : The scam artist calls his ‘manager’
Scene 4 : The scam ‘manager’ from the ‘HQ’ who happens
to be ‘passing by’ arrives in just 5 mins.
Scene 5 : They request a deposit ‘management fee’ for the car/house/whatever
Scene 6 : bye bye money, hello newspaper !

Woman duped of life savings in scam

JOHOR BARU: A woman in her 60s was duped of her life savings of RM109,000 in a scratch-and-win scam.

The woman from Kluang was promised a car and paid the money in four instalments. Instead, she got about 13 electrical items.

Mengkibol assemblyman Gan Ping Sieu said the woman received a vacuum cleaner, two air-conditioning units, two home theatre systems, a washing machine, a massage chair, two-foot massage units and electrical gas cookers.

“I think all these items are worth not more than RM30,000,” he said, adding that her ordeal started in April and has taken a toll on her health.

Gan said he advised the woman’s family to lodge a report with the state domestic trade and consumer affairs department and also with the police.

National Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC) director Darshan Singh, when contacted in Kuala Lumpur, said:

“Raids and seizures alone are not enough as every day we get between three to four complaints in the Klang Valley alone.

“What about people from other parts of the country or even those who choose not to report?”

He said scams like this were now tarnishing the country’s image.

“The Government should also use the emergency ordinance and detain the leaders or bosses behind these powerful syndicates,” he said, adding that a memorandum on how to battle scratch-and-win scams was submitted to the ministry last month.

He said last year, out of the 18,345 complaints received by NCCC, 1,499 were on direct sales companies mainly involved in scratch-and-win competitions.

“We hope the public will continue to send us as many complaints as possible, so we can forward them to the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry for action.

Those with information can contact the NCCC at 03-7877-9000 / 03-7874-8096 or file a complaint via its website http://www.nccc.org.my.


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