Give & Take

I had a discussion with my business partner this afternoon. We were talking about the issue of why there are certain businessmen who are successful and those who are just barely making it.

One issue we discussed was about ‘give and take’ whereby everyone who run their own business or company want to bring in as much profit as possible. The only problem is that not everyone is willing to invest in technology, infrastructure and especially human capital. I’m not just referring to employees as another machine but they are people with feelings, emotions and commitments in life.

Therefore, the lesser time you invest and the lesser you pay them in terms of money and also recognition, the faster they will leave your company for good. There are a lot of bosses who want to maximize profits but in turn forget the employees who are the backbone of their enterprise and without these important people on their team, their business would be worthless.

On the aspect of investment on technology and infrastructure, it is also a must since we are currently living in the information age. This is a time where changes are happening so fast in all of human history.

Invest in hardware, software, a conducive office/workplace, ongoing education/training and above all, put the interest of the employees who matter most to you over and above your very own. That would be the ultimate winning formula for success.

So, to all business owners out there, next time a staff leaves your company for good, do an analysis on which you have done more for him, ‘Give’ or ‘Take’ ?


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