Flat Tyre Holiday

Salam Aidiladha to all readers of this blog!

Starting mid afternoon yesterday, many city folks from all around the Klang Valley were heading back to their kampungs. North, South and the also to Eastern coast of Malaysia. This caused a massive jam not only within the city limits but also up to Nilai, heading north after the Jalan Duta toll plaza and also somwhere in Jeli on the Eastern side of the peninsular. The jam near Nilai and Jeli were still ‘ON’ around past midnight!

One of my staff from KL heading to Kelantan drove out of KL after 12 noon and reached his family’s house just 50KM north of Jeli a few mins before midnight!

I just took the light & easy way, travelling south to the Tampin ‘High Country’ after 12 noon from Bangi. The journey was relaxed, smooth & praise to Allah, no jam at all. What I would like to note here is that the sad feeling I got when I saw many people forced to stop on the emergency lane on their way down south between the Bangi & Seremban toll on the PLUS Highway.

They were on motorcycles and even 1 was a car with a whole family inside. They had flats ! 1 or 2 might just be coincidental but not all 7 within a 8km stretch. Do the math!

And it was so convenient there were ‘mechanics’ around to help them out, though some might be real honest people who were just lending a hand. To the villains, I warn you that ‘dirty’ deeds will be ‘repaid’ to you fairly by the One & only. So, do think 100 times next time you want to through those nails on the highway!


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