The Emergency Lane ‘Kills’

Next time you need to pull over on the emergency lane and get out of the car for any reason, please ENSURE that you stay BEHIND the guard rail.

Driver, mechanic helping him killed on highway

SEREMBAN: A driver whose car had stalled and a mechanic who was summoned to check his vehicle were killed when an express bus ploughed into them at Km263 of the North South Highway near here Sunday.

Car driver Mohd Hanif Mohd Noor, 29, from Kg Air Tawar in Merlimau, Malacca, was driving to Bandar Baru Bangi to visit a sister with his mother and two younger siblings when his car broke down.

Mohd Hanif, whose car was parked on the emergency lane, called mechanic Palaneysamy Ratnam, 26, from Taman Mambau Jaya near here.

However, as both stood on the driver’s side of the car to check the engine , the express bus which had just entered the highway hit them, killing them instantly. They were flung some 30 metres away from the car.

“We were fortunate as we were not standing on the road. The bus just came out of nowhere and hit my brother and the mechanic,” Mohd Hanif’s sister, Siti Aishah, 15, said.

Mohd Hanif’s distraught mother could not speak to reporters as she was in a state of shock.

The bus driver said the two appeared suddenly from the front of the car.

None of the bus’ 40 passengers was injured. They were then taken to their destination in another bus.

The driver of the bus, who went to the district police station to lodge a report, has been detained to facilitate investigations.

State traffic chief ASP Halil Hamzah said police will investigate if any negligence was involved.

The accident caused a traffic snarl for several kilometres on both sides of the highway.


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