Alternatives to becoming a Medcial Doctor

With the costs of education increasing over the years and current medical costs which are considered sky high, there is definitely a huge demand in this industry.

Almost every kid who scores straight A’s in primary school wants to become a doctor & even more graduates who have yet to pursue their PhD would like to be called ‘Doctor’ (erm.. I heard you can still buy 1 from the black market today for the price of a Perodua Viva.. haha!) . That might just be a general statement.

Whatever it is, since places and opportunities are limited (unless you can spare a cool RM 1 million for each child you want to send overseas to pursue a medical degree in the UK), students must have a backup or alternative to overcome this issue.


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Demand for jobs in health care

WHILE some parents and students may think allied health sciences careers are poor cousins to the more “glamorous” professions of medicine and dentistry, the fact is these jobs are in high demand.

SJMC Academy of Nursing and Health Sciences chief executive and head Shahnaz Jamal Mawji says nurses are definitely on the top-wanted list of professionals both locally and abroad.

Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society president John Chang adds that the demand for health care will only increase as a society gets more affluent.

“So if you want to go into a sector with great growth potential, pharmacy is definitely a good option,” he opines.

Daniel sharing his experiences as a physiotherapist with the audience at a previous Star Education Fair.

Chang says most students are unaware that pharmacy is a very diverse field, with options to go into community practice, manufacturing, marketing, and research and development.

For physiotherapist Marc J. Daniel, the fact that five local institutions have started physiotherapy courses last year alone reflects the increasing demand for qualified professionals in the field.

“Nowadays, people are taking up sports at a younger age and also after retirement.

DR GOH: To talk on the required qualifications and career prospects in psychology.

“With this trend, every generation will need some kind of physiotherapy,” he says, adding that even now, he has a hard time looking for qualified physiotherapists.

Daniel adds that with increasing awareness, young adults are also more likely to take their parents or grandparents to the physiotherapist for treatment of aches and pains, rather than to traditional healers as in the past.

Shahnaz, Chang and Daniel, along with HELP University College Faculty of Behavioural Sciences dean Dr Goh Chee Leong, will be speaking on their respective professions during the Star Education Fair 2008’s career talk on Allied Health Sciences.

Dr Goh, a returning speaker, will talk on the required qualifications and career prospects in psychology.

CHANG: The demand for medication and health care will only increase as a society gets more affluent.

The talk will be held on Jan 13 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre during the fair.

Chang says before getting into a profession, students must know what they are getting into.

“If they come for the talk, they will be able to listen to people with experience in their respective fields and interact with the speakers and ask questions to clear any doubts they may have,” he says.

Aside from the allied health sciences, there will also be talks on medicine and dentistry, options after SPM and funding higher education on the same day.

Talks on the differences between studying and working, options in the world of information and communication technology, SPM Physics and Maths, and engineering will be held on Jan 12 at the same venue.

The fair will provide the latest information on programme and institution options to help students make up their minds.

It will also be held at the Penang International Sports Arena on March 1 and 2.

For details, call 03-7967 1388, ext 1168/ 1250/ 1243/ 1466, or 04-647 3899 (for Penang) between 9am and 5pm, from Mondays to Fridays, or e-mail:

8 Responses to “Alternatives to becoming a Medcial Doctor”
  1. drnaz says:

    Just dropped by a neighbor’s house the other night. His daughter scored 9A’s in the recent PMR exam. So I asked her : “What do u plan to do after form 5?” Her classic 9A’s answer :

    1. Doctor
    2. Dentist
    3. Pharmacist

  2. Zul says:

    Be a doctor and then jump into politics. Be a Health Minister. You can make a lot of ‘personal friends’ in the process.

  3. ayang says:

    tumpang lalu..nak tanya sikit…ada x specific budget 2007 n 2008 for corporate tax.. if have any articles pasai corporate tax…hantar ke email kita bleh x…
    adok prihatin…

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