Sign Up before its too late

I was on the PLUS highway this morning when an old friend who I had lunch with recently called up to ask this question :

“My son has quite a high fever & I might need to admit him to a private hospital because we spent the whole morning yesterday at a government hospital just to wait for his blood test. Waiting in line was so bad that my husband practically lost his temper & shouted at the hospital staff for being so slow! I don’t think we can afford to wait another 6 hours just to see a pediatrician. I need to ask you, is it possible IF I sign up for a medical plan this morning & admit my son later in the evening today?”

Even though I really wanted to help my friend, what could I possibly do? I told her that I would need at least a week to ensure that the plan is properly in place before she could ever think of using the benefits. Some types of illness have an even longer waiting period up to 4 months.

So, if you might end up in the same situation, please take some time off and properly address the matter before its too late. After all, its only RM 1.69 per day for kids &
RM 0.92 per day for adults.

Think about it!

3 Responses to “Sign Up before its too late”
  1. drtamil says:

    After reading that, pls read this;

    The results indicate that all of the eight private health insurance plans in this study do not provide adequate coverage and adequate financial protection because of various restrictive terms and conditions.

  2. dannalli says:

    I was informed that SIHAT MALAYSIA, a consortium of local Ins.Coys no longer productive. Only the foreign based survived.
    I signed up for my family with one of the giants. Praised to god as we do not utilise those yet but at least we are prepared. Give a call to 012 243 4241 and address the matter…. yes before its too late… rest assured I am not in this business.
    SDARA 0116

  3. azha mira says:

    jangan lupa datang kenduri umah aku besok lepas zohor. bila nak sembang pasal insurans nie?

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