Some comments on Knight Rider 2008

At the moment, I still haven’t seen the pilot episode.

What I have seen though, are the short previews on Youtube.
You can see one of them here

After reading more than 200 comments all over the Web, what I can sum up is :

  1. A Pontiac would have been preferred compared to a Ford
  2. KITT’s voice sounded more like that of KARR (gangster like & arrogant)
  3. KITT has lost his overall personality/wit which, the most important characteristic which made him more ‘human’
  4. The original series touched the hearts of millions worldwide due to what you see is what you get (real life excluding all the CGI such as some action as portrayed in the VIPER series)
  5. Super pursuit mode is still preferred as something mechanical and not just a ‘morphed’ screen effect
  6. Some are even bold enough to comment that ‘This is NOT Transformers !!!”
  7. Using a Mustang for KITT is just like using a Ferrari for ‘Herbie’
  8. KITTs original dash should have been modified and not completely wiped out as what they did now
  9. What happened to all the digital gauges??
  10. The 2 min intro should have used Val Kilmer’s voice & the guy who introduced the show swapped for KITT
  11. There was not a single turbo boost scene in the pilot movie
  12. There’s a lack of continuity
3 Responses to “Some comments on Knight Rider 2008”
  1. Someone needs to get behind the wheel of a real GT 500. It is an awesome experience!
    Daddio Mustang Parts Collins

  2. monte' says:

    Yes, I’d thought that i was the only one that KITT’s voice was more, more like KARR and even had the persona/attitude of KARR. Now I’ve heard and seen footages, and clips of the new KR, maybe it was good that i did not see the 2-hour tv-movie premier, instead of the false BIG SCREEN motion picture hype rumors everyone was talking about, even David “The Hoff” mentioned years back in ’04 on the Conan O’Brien program.

    Anyways, now i am hearing the there will be a making of a new KR series……personally in my opinion, NO! please don’t!, I mean, NO! PLEASE DON’T!!! Look what happened to TKR, and still i have not seen that either (the series), and of course, i heard that too was short-lived.

    Let me explain why i did bother to see neither TKR or the new KR,……(and i think you may know where i am going with this too!) [taking a deep breath in disgrace ‘n humiliation]…..
    Knight Rider 2010, ’nuff sed!

    Anyways, back to the new KR (or i would call it KR3000) or Viper (to agree with you there,
    now just by watching the clips on you, i love an adrenaline-rush, the edge, the super force of speed while driving on an open highway or freeway, the best thing i love is the “morphed” SUPER PURSUIT MODE, now i wasn’t surprised that they would bring this function back, but i love it!

    But i also knew since Knight rider 2000, they showed no Turbo Boost, nor crashing through walls, no ski mode, and so on…i had an instinct that any future KR TV-movies will do the same.

    With all that in mind, was i disappointed about the car being a Mustang?, yes and no (like Michael Knight would say, in the original episode of season 2 of Goliath), yes, i was disappointed ‘cuz KITT (3000) should’ve been refitted into a fourth generation Firehawk or Firebird, but since they GM discontinued making Firebirds and Trans Ams in 2003, so..
    no.. i am not disappointed that KITT will have a new body in a Mustang, So now that these cars IS and will be the HOTTEST vehicles on the market, making it harder to purchase buying a $24,000 up to $50,000.00 sports car, especially in this day in age of the economy with gas prices, and everything soaring HIGH making everybody’s billfolds deplete and empty, it’s just like a kid-in-a-candy store, frustrated in wanting a KR dream replica car, anyways…..

    sorry i got carried away and lost for a sec, but back to this new KR (2008) movie, a few of my friends says, it was good, and how KITT can change colors, I’d said, “change colors?!” I’m surprised that KITT didn’t make himself an hologram to fool criminals or something, like in Viper.

    In closing, I will watch this movie and give it a try [nervous w/clinched teeth], but all i know is
    that f/ what i have seen and heard about KITT, he makes KARR and Goliath be put to shame.
    So that makes me wonder, if they ever do bring back KARR (and of course they will), who will play the voice, i mean he has to have a darker, much more sinister and evil, “sharper than a two-edged sword” voice better than Val Kilmer and Peter Cullen combine.

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