Input from Zig

My conclusion? NEVER GIVE UP !!!


Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Poorly
By Zig Ziglar


Chances are superb that when you saw the heading of this article you did a double-take and thought to yourself, “That is ridiculous!”  But, let us think together and I believe you will agree that the observation is correct.  Look at it this way: If you were to quit any endeavor because you did miserably on the first try, your life would be infinitely poorer.  Think of it this way: When you watch sports professionals, whether golf, tennis or any other sport, play near-perfect games, you probably stand in amazement.  What you’re watching is an individual who has literally hit thousands of golf balls, or tennis balls, many of them poorly, and has taken hundreds of lessons from teaching pros to improve his or her game.  They understood from the beginning that if they were going to play good golf or tennis, they would play a lot of poor games along the way.

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