How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)

Wow !

I’m sure everyone has their own personal opinion, but for me, it was as Barney (Neil Patric Harris) would say it: “Legendary” … & totally AWESOME !

I’ve just completed all 60+ episodes for all the first 3 seasons, thanks to Sir Kamal who just handed the DVDs to me one night & said “Bro,  this is HIGHLY recommended” and I must say, my investment of time over the past 2 weeks (over 24 hours in total).

It took me more than a month after having those DVDs that I finally found some time to watch them. And… once I started, I was immediately HOOKED! It was a classic case of sitcom addiction…

The series is hilarious, witty, sarcastic, honest, romance, confidence, trust and most of all FRIENDSHIP. We may not have gone through every kind of event as depicted in this series but somehow, to me, its a reflection on life and how its not always 100% perfect. What you plan may not be what you exactly get.

On top of that, it proves to some extent how those small unimportant looking decisions that we make in life will have a MAJOR impact later on as we grow up.

I wish I will always have Barney’s “suit up” enthusiasm or Robin’s ‘intelligence’ or Marshall & Lilly’s  ‘sweet romantic bond’ or Ted’s …………… well, everyone knows a ‘Ted’ here and there.

I can’t wait for the 4th season due this coming September.

I do hope for those who are in the 15 – 30 age group take time off to watch yet another cool production from CBS. As Barney would say : “1 UP !”

One Response to “How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)”
  1. KK79 says:

    damm bro….was really liking it until the very last paragraph…. that means i have only 5 months left to enjoy the show, dude. hahahaha….
    anyhow, i watched the 1st 2 seasons ant it was LEGEN…wait for it…..DARY…!!

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