10 Part Time Business Ideas For Women

Written by Zul (skorcareer.com), 30 JULY 2008

For a woman, taking a part time job or business as a car washer, delivery person, gardener, handyman, carpenter, and other physically demanding jobs would be seem as too overwhelming.

You will need something moderate. Something relatively easier, manageable, and yet can generate enough returns.

Here are 10 part time business ideas or jobs that can be done right away.

1. Jewelry and personal accessories

Yes, women crave for jewelry and personal accessories. They can just talk about the topic all they long. Why not turn the hobby into something that can churn out profits? For those who want to take it to another level, go for customized accessories and play around with beads, pendants, crystals, earrings and so on. It’s time to use your creativity to the limit, come up with something extraordinary, and raised some eyebrows.

2. Emceeing or Deejaying

If your work colleagues find you too talkative, you are possibly half way from being a deejay! Surely a good deejay not only need to be vocal but must also know to use the right words at the right time, possess calmness, composure and all other qualities. If you are not sure whether you have the desired skills for an emcee, fret not. There are many companies holding courses and seminars on this and it’s time to make your presence felt.

3. Freelance writer, blogger

Perhaps one of the most popular part time jobs around. Most likely half of the books sold in the bookstore near you were not written by full time authors. Coincidentally, more than half of the best selling books out there were written by those whose full time jobs are estate agents, financial advisors, teachers, lawyers, pilots, entrepreneurs, consultants and so on. Let’s join the bandwagon.

4. Handicrafts

Something similar like jewelry business. The best of handicrafts of course come with uniqueness and rarity, i.e. something that people can’t just simply find it in the hypermarket across the street. It must also be beautiful. You can work with handbags, hats, flowers, baskets, cloths and many other items. If you love travel, craft and souvenir shops are must visits. You will be surprised to find how weird and unusual some of the stuff are.

5. Accounting work

This work is obviously relevant with those who have strong background in finance and accounting field. Other than streamlining accurate monthly consolidation of your company accounts, make use of your skills to offer similar service to your friends, neighbors, sisters, mother in law and canteen operators. Approach your favorite small grocery store owner and convince him how good you are at managing his accounts.

6. Teaching, tutoring and coaching

Another popular part time job. Everyone must be good at something, and that everyone, including you, can teach a thing or two. Are you a piano six grader? Do you hold a black belt in karate? Do you swim? Can you make a bunny appear from a hat? Are you an actor? A singer maybe? Can you teach maths for a first grade student? Can you coach a high school basketball team? The list is endless.

7. Grooming service/image consulting

Grooming service can cover practically all fields and elements. Pet care service, saloon and kids grooming are just some simple examples. Image consulting is also an overlooked field, and with people are now embracing faster and faster change in life, many forget there is a niche that can make everyone happy. So, help people to make them look fabulous, and get paid for it.

8. Fund raiser

At first, fund raising can sound like a sales job but really, you must look it from another perspective. Fund raising is a charity, and as long as you do it right, people with good conscience will be more than willing to contribute. The job involves you representing a certain legitimate company, make calls and approach professionals, managers and the public, create awareness of the activity,and collect donation. Your earning can be hourly paid, or some percentage fees agreed with the company.

9. Cooking/catering

Yes, culinary services can take up a lot of resources, but not for those who have deep passion in cooking. Those who love cooking will consider it a labor of love. Where catering is concerned, it does not need to be a major function with thousands of guests, but handling the service for a small reception, house warming and barbeque events would be good enough for a start. If you find catering too overwhelming, why not settle down for teaching young women cooking? That does not sound like a bad idea at all, does it?

10. Interior designing

For years I have been meaning to find a good interior designer that comes with affordable prices. There are many professional designers out there who can do the job at cost but there are also amateurs who have this fantastic knack of interior designing. Sometimes, these amateurs can do an equally fabulous work, but with much difference in price. Perhaps, you are one of them?


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