Have You Been on the KTM Komuter Lately?

Some friends and relatives told me that the situation is really really really BAD.

Lets assume this, how do you fit 200 match sticks into a match box that can only hold 100 sticks? The answer is you actually CAN’T !!!

Why? Simply because there is not enough SPACE. The result? 100 sticks just get left behind.

Since the rise in petrol prices, more and more people have no choice but to use public transportation. The sad part is that the current infrastructure is just inadequate to cater the rising demand.

What is your opinion?

2 Responses to “Have You Been on the KTM Komuter Lately?”
  1. Maarof says:

    Hello fellow Sdarian! I stay at Seremban which is one end of the KTM Komuter line. There is a KTM Komuter graveyard in the Seremban train station compound. This is proof that the number of Komuter coaches had decreased from the original total because I don’t see new coaches being added. Yet the Komuter service had been extended to Rasa, if I am not mistaken. Naturally it is impossible to get better service when you are having fewer hardware.

  2. Mshah says:

    IMHO can’t expect much changes until our law makers, regulators start taking the services themselves. If only they take the service during peak period regularly, then they will know what we are discussing here!

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