The Weekend Car Flee Market

I have yet to witness this local weekly event that heavily attracts motor enthusiasts.

I hope that 1 fine day, I’ll be able to find the time to check it out as I am a true fan of ICE (in car entertainment) which sometimes is better & a lot cheaper to buy 2nd hand, especially the high end components, some of which are of higher quality than the ones produced presently today.


The Star Online, Saturday August 16, 2008

Cheap, cheap cars!

Pictures by LOW LAY PHON / The Star and JOLEEN LUNJEW

Flea markets are a good place to look for all kinds of things. But did you know there’s also a one-stop “car market” for those hunting for used cars, spare parts, audio equipment and accessories?

With the hike in fuel prices, petrol rebate notwithstanding, many Malaysians are opting for smaller cars.

Certainly, the motor vehicle sector is bracing for tougher times ahead as demand for new cars and commercial vehicles dampen. Consumers will likely hold back big-ticket purchases, including new cars, amidst concerns over inflation and a weakening economy.

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