Alliance Bank Scam

I received an email to link to this address :

The page that it links to looks just like the actual Alliance Bank Login :

I can bet you that once they get all your ID details, you will lose all you money. Why do I say that this is a scam? I DO NOT have ANY account with Alliance Bank !!!

So, please forward this info to all your friends and relatives.

2 Responses to “Alliance Bank Scam”
  1. KK says:

    gosh…this is really really dangerous bro…!!!
    just shows how vulnerable and simple info such as your ic no and combined with a password can be…!!!

    be careful…!!

    be,,,, AWESOME….!!

  2. nazlihaffiz says:

    I’ve got the same e-mails. Alliance Bank, CIMB, Maybank, Ambank. Mcm la byk duit hehe

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