Tyre Hunting

What is it that really makes a tyre ‘good’ or ‘great’ or ‘comfortable’ or ‘grip’?

I had the opportunity in October to survey the local tyre market, mainly the so called top/good brands as defined by the ordinary user on the street without much biased opinions. Their comments were based on personal experience and after a lot of asking around, surveying and comparing prices, I settled for a set of Michelin Pilot Preceda 2. For 195/50/15, they cost about RM 220 each. Installation and balancing included. Shops might usually charge your for alignment but if you’re lucky, it might just be trown in.

The tyres are so far so good and are gripping quite well. Its really hard to say whether they are the best tyre because when you try to get maximum grip (performance) with the least noise and highest softness compound (comfort) you just end up somewhere in the middle. Add on the budget factor & threadware, an viola ! You just end up with a set of ‘normal’ but useable tyres.

I shall not name who is good and who is ‘not good’ because there are so many variables involved in this equation. Suffice to say that as far as I am concerned, these mid ranged michelin whcih I have on my wheels are serving me quite well, better compared to the previous Bridgestone My-01 or even Goodyear Eagle F1. But again that is also subjective as my goal this time was to get quiet tyres with the more than average performance. Budget was to be less than RM 1k, and i was also looking for ‘reasonable’ threadware.

I did come by to the ‘Made in Japan’ Falken Azenis ST 115 but threadware was not so much on my side. This was mentioned by 1 of my freinds who said at ‘the way’ I drive and the daily distance I covered I would be more than lucky if the tyres could last me for 1 year. And that was not too good to the ears. So, I just set out for michelin because the shop is quite near to my office and I know they are 1 of the best in KL when it comes to doing alignment + they do not end up suggesting you buy extra screws for your chamber or lower arm or bushes or whatever. Plain english, the shop I went to had a fair price without the luxury of ripping you off…

So, next time you want to get a new set of tyres, here are 2 shops that I know would give you a fair deal with professional alignment skills :

1.   Kee Hin (Jln Klang Lama)

2.   Stamford Tyres (Glenmarie, Shah Alam)


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